Points of Diversity is excited to announce our newest program, “Changing the Narrative”. We will be working with the Roanoke community to address issues of racism and bias in the present while seeking to understand the past.

We will be doing this through a series of community meals across the many neighborhoods of Roanoke. In addition to breaking bread together during these events, we will be using storytelling as a tool to better understand our neighbors and build lasting relationships.

Each meal will be free and feature personal stories of racial inequity and healing. There will be plenty of time for sharing at each meal through facilitated dialogue. There will be a focus on both understanding the past and seeking solutions for the future. Local entertainment will also be provided!

We look forward to seeing at our next meal! If you would like to volunteer or receive more information, reach out to us at roanokevalleypointsofdiversity@gmail.com.

Previous Events

Meal #1: Re-Visiting Gainsboro

Our first event took place on February 24 at First Baptist Church in the Gainsboro neighborhood. 

Learn more about it HERE.

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Meal #2: Teens Telling Stories Countering Hate & Prejudice

Our second event took place on April 7th at Roanoke College. We focused on hearing from young people and learned a lot from some of the outstanding youth in our community.


Meal 3# Sharing Your Faith Journey

Our third event took place on May 19. We focused on different religious groups in the Roanoke Valley.

Members from different religious communities shared stories of their experiences here in Roanoke.