Points of Diversity, as a program of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, promotes Inclusion in the Roanoke Valley.  Our goal is to create a livable community that respects and celebrates all of our Diversity.  Our current plans are (1) continuing Community Dialogue on topics of difference, and (2) providing opportunities for cross-cultural discussion and training for our high school youth.

Our past work with high school youth has shown that 90% “would like more opportunities to talk about differences in race, socio-economic class, sexual orientation and gender identity and religion.”  We have plans to respond to this need and we need your help!

Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue our Community Dialogue groups and outreach to schools and community groups.

Thank you for your support as we build a more Inclusive Roanoke Valley!

Quick Note: When donating, please make sure to choose Points of Diversity from the drop-down menu. Thanks!

A Big Thank You To Our Board and Supporters

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Steve Arle

Freeda Cathcart & Clinton Stoneking

Unitarian Universalist church of the Roanoke Valley


Kristin Tadlock-Bell

John Lichtenstein

Bill & Diane Elliot

Lee Blair

Victoria Brownell

Deneen Evans

Melissa Hays-Smith

Shari Henry

Doug Jackson

Mr. & Mrs.  McCorkle


William & Susan Amos

Alan & Susan Rieves-Austin

John & Jean Hitchins

Idella & Michael Glenn

Lynn McDowell

Jack & Rebecca Pilcher

Lewis & Karen Pillis

Parveen Riaz

Carol Rowan

Gene Yagow


Kirk Ballin

Patricia White Boyd

Pat Hales                                  

Joanne Hawley

Courtney & Angela Penn

Wayne Leftwich