Points of Diversity had it’s first meeting on October 30, 2014 producing the goals & objectives for our first public meeting at North Cross in January 2015 where committees were established to implement our mission statement: to support the creation of an environment where people want to live, learn and grow by working to ensure that all community members have the tools to succeed by connecting, engaging and being educated in cross-cultural discussions and experiences. These efforts focus on promoting inclusion of all the diversity found throughout the Roanoke Valley.

Our first annual membership meeting took place on November 15, 2015 to establish our By-Laws and elect officers to the Advisory Board.

The members of the current Advisory Board are : Katie Zawacki as the Chair, Lynn McDowell as Vice-Chair, Ray Bemis as Secretary and Grace Church as Treasurer.) Other board members include Deneen Evans, Juliet Jordan Lowery, Freeda Cathcart, Anita James Price, Joshua Dowdy, Jordan Bell,  Nabeel Raza and Danielle Davoll.

Points of Diversity is a program of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and maintains its 501(c)3 under their umbrella organization.

The current Sub-Committees are the Education & Training Committee and the Community Dialogue Committee.