Rare Opportunity to Connect

“Most of all, I was impressed with the willingness of our group to go deep in the conversation. Study Circles provided the framework. The participants brought the community spirit. It’s a rare opportunity to connect like this.”

Genuine Conversation

“Participating in a study circle encouraged me to venture outside of my comfort zone and engage in genuine conversations with a diverse group of former strangers who I am now proud to call friends. Compassionate dialogue truly is the key to understanding others, especially when they don’t look or think exactly like us. My hope is that others in the Roanoke Valley will also take advantage of the opportunity to join a study circle and learn how to enrich their own lives and help build a stronger community.”


One Of The Most Important Choices You Can Make

“One of the most important choices I have made in Roanoke, has been to attend Points of Diversity (Study) Circles. The circles exemplify a vital need for community members to open our hearts and to trust serious conversations. The circles provide trained facilitators; a safe place to share personal experiences of inclusivity and of being an “outsider”; and to practice active listening for each other.”